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Ahmad Majidi University (AMU), a private university initiated by the Hewa Group, will break the mould of existing universities in the Kurdistan Region. It is Hewa Group’s vision to establish and nurture this learning hub as a center of excellence and make it a beacon for research and source of knowledge for the benefit of scholars and students of Kurdistan Region and from all over Iraq.

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At AMU, the English language will be the main medium of instruction and communication by both students and faculty/staff.

Additionally, Information Technology (IT) skills will be taught along with teacher training. The current plan for the University is to establish a number of nucleus departments evaluated and assessed in order to ensure high teaching standards and good academic practice.

The various departments of the university will undergo rigorous periodic evaluation and accreditation by international organizations and universities, such as by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)..

Therefore, AMU graduates will receive a world-class education that will give them the skills to compete in the international job market.



AMU seeks to employ a number of highly qualified, full-time faculty members from renowned international universities who will be fully committed to excellence in teaching and research.

AMU will strive to have a considerable positive impact on Kurdistan and Iraq through public service, extension programs, outreach, and community education. It will provide leadership in technical and economic development, lifelong learning, regional and global extension, and applied research.

As teaching and overall communication at AMU will be English, the, enrolled students have to document skills in written and spoken English. Upon enrollment at AMU, students will be offered courses to improve their English skills.

The various departments at AMU will offer flexible curricula within each department, allowing students a variety of choices within well-defined educational boundaries.

Elective courses for juniors and seniors will be available in all departments.

AMU seeks to enroll well-qualified students from the Kurdistan Region and throughout Iraq, creating a healthy national atmosphere.

Scholarships covering the tuition fees and housing during the entire period of study, will be offered to a limited number of talented and motivated students, who have high Grade Point Average (GPA) in high school and have scored high marks on their aptitude exams.

AMU will encourage students to personally interact with the faculty throughout their years of study.

AMU will create wide opportunities for internships with finance centers, companies, and government agencies in Kurdistan, Iraq, and abroad.


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